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can cau market 3

Can Cau Market

Can Cau Market is the area where different minority groups in colorful dress exchange local items. You will spend the whole morning there then go to Bac... More detail

coc ly market 18

Coc Ly Market

Coc Ly Market (Tuesday only): the market with all it’s colourful ethnic people such as Flower Hmong, Phu La and Dao Tuyen who gathers to buy and sell.

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bac ha market overview

Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market is in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province; about 80km from downtown Sapa. It is a trading centre and meeting place for couples, friends, and relatives every... More detail

ancient carving rock 22

Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Location: Sapa Ancient Rock Field is in Muong Hoa Valley, Hau Thao Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province.
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Sapa Vietnam market

Sapa Town Market

Sapa Market is in Sapa Town, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province. Everyday open in Sapa town.

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fansipan trekking tour

Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan Mountain is located 9km south-west of Sapa Townlet in the Hoang Lien Mountain Range. It is a top of Indochina.

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ham rong sapa tour

Ham Rong Mountain

Via Muong Tien to get to Sapa, in vaporous clouds travelers will see a mountain peak rising as dragon-head. It is Ham Rong mountain with 100 ha in area.


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ban ho sa pa

Ban Ho Village

Ban Ho Village, Vietnamese Australian Tran Han expressed his excitement when he walked out of the Lavie Stream in the scenic village Ban Ho, more than 26 kilometers away from the famous resort town of Sapa.

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tavan homestay village

Ta Van village

Ta Van commune in Muong Hoa valley is located in the south and 8 km away from Sapa town ship.

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lao chai village

Lao Chai village

Lao Chai is a village of black H’Mong ethnic group. Lao Chai is a commune composed by three large More detail

y linh ho village sapa vietnam

Y Linh Ho village

Y Linh Ho village is a small commune composed by a dozen of small hamlets scattering on the very tough mountain terrain with high and steep mountains. There are some hundred inhabitants from the Black H’mong only living in this... More detail

Muong Hoa valley Sapa

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa valley is one of the most famous destination for breathtaking scenery and is the largest farmland for rice growing in SaPa Vietnam.

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ta phin sapa

Ta Phin village

Ta Phin Village is still a new name to almost everybody. Located about 17km in the west of Sapa, Ta Phin is a village of Red Dao’s people possessing a rich culture that has not been damaged by the modern life.

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sapa tour trekking to see rice terrace fields

Rice Terraced fields

Rice Terraced fields in Sapa were voted as one of seven most beautiful and impressive ones of Asia and the world by readers of the US’s magazine Travel and Leisure.

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cat cat village in Sapa Vietnam

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village is located on the Muong Hoa Valley, this is the village of the H’Mong hill tribe. It’s far from Sapa Town about 3 km and takes you 45 minutes to walk here. The village is on the slope of the hill... More detail



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